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OziModz Custom Paintworks Showroom.

Showcase for all of the individual Renault paintjobs that are currently available, as well as any that are currently being designed and information about their progress and expected release date.

Please Note: Some paintjobs may only be available as part of one of the premium OziModz Custom Fleetz Packs, each of which include Paintjobs for a range of Trucks and Trailers plus great Bonus Features. In this case the Link Button will take you to the Fleetz Pack page which includes that particular Truck Paintjob.


However, I will always try to make one of the Fleetz Pack Paintjobs available for Free Download, as I have done with the GTR Logistics Renault T below, so that you can try one out.

^NOTE: The Kenworth and Renault Trucks that the GTR Logistics Fleetz Pack is designed for are all available from RTA Mods. If you don't yet have these excellent trucks & trailers, you will find a direct link to the RTA Mods Site in the footer at the bottom of every page on the OziModz SIte.

GTR Logistics.

In designing the GTR Logistics corporate identity it was important to make sure that the Company Logo reflected it's MotorSports Heritage, and that all of the GTR Logistics Truck Fleet looked the part across the entire range of trucks running in this Fleet.


You will find cutting-edge features such as light-weight Carbon-Fibre Aero Kits and Cab Panels, sporty inset Aerodynamic Splitter Panels and Ducts, custom decals and 16 racetrack inspired Custom Paintjobs that wouldn't look out of place delivering to pit lane at Le Mans or The Nurburgring, or even doing a quick lap on the race track itself for that matter!

GTR Logistics Renault T

GTR Logistics Custom Paintwork for the Renault Range T^ truck mod made by our friends at RTA Mods, compatible with the 6x4 and 4x2 chassis of the High-Cab version.


This is one of the OziModz Premium Custom Paintjobs which is usually only available exclusively in the GTR Logistics FLEETZ VTC Pack, however, I have made the GTR Logistics Custom Paintwork for the Renault T truck available as a FREE DOWNLOAD, so you can check out the quality of these Premium Fleetz Pack mods, and hopefully you will then feel comfortable purchasing the full GTR Logistics FLEETZ Pack, which also includes Custom Paintjobs for all of the RTA Mods' Kenworth Trucks, Custom Interiors for the Renault T and the Kenworth K108 and K200 and  five Custom Company Trailer Paintworks, PLUS the other BONUS Features that come with the OziModz FLEETZ Packs!

Mod#: OZST006-AE1.35

GTR Logistics Renault T Paintwork


Tested On:       ATS/ETS2 Vers.    V1.35.x

Mod For:          RTA Mods Renault T  Vers. 7.5/7.5.1


Updated:         7th July 2019

As a special introduction to the quality of OziModz Fleetz Packs I have made the GTR Custom Paintwork for the Renault T Range available for Free Download below:

Please take a moment to check out everything that is included in the full GTR Logistics FLEETZ Pack by clicking the button below...