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Here you should find the answers to the more common questions

I have tried to answer the most common questions below in this FAQ, but if your question isn't answered here feel free to send me your questions by using the Enquiry or Support Forms for which you will find the buttons at the bottom of this page & on the Contact OziModz page, and I will do my best to answer any questions that you may have.

All OziModz purchases & downloads are linked securely to your email address. For purchased mods using Gumroad it is possible to have all of your OziModz mods added to your own Gumroad Purchase Library for easy access and download.


Whenever any OziModz mod is updated you will automatically recieve an email notification that it is available for you to download free of charge and have it added to your Library. In the case of updates or additions to the mods that are small enough in size they will be emailed to you directly.

Yes. The OziModz site is verified 100% secure, as you can see by the green padlock in the address bar of your browser.


All OziModz mod purchase transactions are handled through the dedicated Gumroad Store which utilizes 2048bit Military Grade Security Encryption to protect all transactions and data, for your complete security and peace of mind.

To give you an idea of exactly what that means, even using the most powerful computing systems available today, it would take about 670,000 years to break a 2048bit encryption!

All details which you provide on the OziModz website are secured and encrypted. Email addresses are kept securley off-site, and are used only for the purposes of providing the services, such as updating mods, to you as an OziModz customer. At no point, ever, will any of your information be shared with any 3rd party.

No, none of your credit card or Paypal numbers or details are retained or stored.

Every OziModz mod is put through a very rigorous testing program prior to release to make sure everything works perfectly. This testing is carried out on one of my normal ETS2/ATS profiles alongside all of the other popular mods which I always run. Like most people, there are many mods which I can't imagine driving without, so I want my mods to work with all of them if at all possible. If you do experience any difficulties with a mod from OziModz then you can submit a Support Ticket from here on the OziModz website, and I will work through it with you to get the mod working for you.


In the very unlikely event that I am unable to solve the problem for you and get the mod working, then I will of course provide you with a refund.


Please note that I have provided a detailed outline of OziModz Mod usage tips and guidelines which you can read HERE, and which are provided to you with any OziModz mod that you download, and, that I will always try to make a Free Sample Truck Paintwork available for every OziModz Fleetz Pack that I release, as I have done with the GTR Logistics Fleetz Pack. You can download the Free Sample Pack which includes the GTR Logistics Renault T Custom Paintwork from the GTR Logistics Fleetz Pack from This Page

The download links for ALL Paid Mods from OziModz are automatically generated through Gumroad, and you should get them immediately, upon completion of the payment.


The downloads for all OziModz Free Mods are provided instantly and automatically upon completion of the download request form which appears when you click on a download button.


If you have any difficulties then you can contact me either via the email address available through Gumroad or directly through the Enquiry Request & Support Ticket System here on the OziModz website, which you can find at the bottom of this FAQ Page and also on the Contact OziModz Page.

Each download link that you recieve provides for 3 downloads of that mod, just in case you have problems with your internet connection or lose one of your downloaded mods.


If at some time in the future you need to re-download a paid mod for some reason, such as your computer was damaged and/or had to be replaced, and you have used all of your available downloads, then simply send me a request through the Support Ticket System and I will authorize the additional downloads for you.

Each download link that you recieve provides for 3 downloads and expires after 12 months. Whenever I update one of the mods that you have downloaded from OziModz, you will automatically recieve new replacement download links which will extend the expiry for a further 12 months

The OziModz Terms & Conditions provide for you to be able to use the downloaded OziModz Mod on up to three (3) of your own personal computers/laptops, running legally licensed versions of SCS Software's Euro Truck Simulator 2 and/or American Truck Simulator.


OziModz does not condone the use of pirated software, and as such, will not provide support for mods used with such pirated software.

Yes. All OziModz Paintwork Designs, both Free and Paid, are owned by, and protected under the Copyright of, the Copyright Owner Ian Devlin (OziModz) and are available ONLY through the OziModz website at and in accordance to the OzModz Terms & Conditions which are available via the Tips & Terms in the OziModz Site Menu.

No. You are NOT permitted to share the OziModz Mods with any third party. They are for your own personal use ONLY.


Please note: ALL OziModz Mods have easily trackable, indestructable unique digital fingerprints embedded into the design of each individual mod which will be used to identify and prosecute any person who breaches the OziModz Terms & Conditions through the sharing of any OziModz Mod.


Thank you for supporting OziModz and respecting theses Terms & Conditions.

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OziModz does provide support for both the Free and Paid OziModz mods.


For support on any OziModz product please use the Support Ticket Buttons which can be found on the Contact OziModz page and at the bottom of this page. There are two tiers of support service; for OziModz Free Mod Clients the support ticket turnaround guarantee is a maximum of 24hrs, and for all OziModz Paid Mod Clients the support ticket turnaround guarantee is a maximum of 12hrs.


However, customer service is of the highest priority here at OziModz, so I will always endeavour to respond to ALL support tickets as quickly as is possible, allowing for time zone differences.


Please bear in mind that OziModz is located on the East Coast of Australia and normal business hours are 8.00AM to 10.00PM Australian Eastern Standard Time.

There are two tiers of OziModz Support Service:


For OziModz Free Mod Clients the support ticket turnaround guarantee is a of maximum of 24hrs, and for all OziModz Paid Mod Clients the support ticket turnaround guarantee is a maximum of 12hrs.

At the time of the initial launch of the OziModz website the first OziModz FLEETZ Pack "GTR Logistics" includes Paintwork Designs for the SCS Scania 2016 New Generation Trucks (ETS2), The SCS Volvo VNL (ATS) as well as the Kenworth and Renault paid truck mods from RTA Mods, PLUS Trailer Paintwork Designs for the SCS Owned Trailers (ETS2 & ATS) and Freight Market Trailers (ETS2 & ATS).

Additionally, work has already begun on several Paintwork Designs for other SCS Trucks as well as select other free mod trucks. Over time more Paintwork Designs and other mods will be made available on the OziModz website as they are completed and passed the rigorous OziModz testing required before release.

It takes more than 400 hours to create an OziModz Fleetz Pack like the GTR Logistics Pack which includes custom paintwork designs for 20 truck/cab configurations, trailer paintwork designs for nearly 40 trailers including both Single, B/Double and Double trailers plus additional bonus features such as customised truck interiors. Because of this I can realistically only expect to be able to release new OziModz Fleetz Packs every 6 to 8 weeks, but rest assured that I have a folder full of paintwork design ideas that I am very eager to design and create so there are definitely plenty more Fleetz Packs in the pipeline.

Each OziModz Paintwork Design is meticulously customised to work on each specific truck, so they won't work on trucks other than those for which each specific Custom Paintwork is designed.

Initially there is unlikely to be enough time available to take requests for one-off Truck/Trailer Paintwork Designs, as there is so much work already underway on several designs in the studio. However, I envisage that it will, at some time in the future, be possible to look into doing some private Paintwork Design requests.


If you do have any suggestions, please feel free to share them with me via the Enquiry System on the Contact OziModz Page and at the bottom of this FAQ Page.

Yes, definitely! If you have captured a screenshot or photo of one of the OziModz Paintwork Designs on one of your trucks or trailers which you are aprticularly proud of, I would love to see it! You can easily upload a screenshot/photo using the OziModz Support Ticket that you will find at the bottom of this FAQ Page and on the Contact OziModz web page. Under the "Type of Enquiry" drop-down menu select the option for "Submit Screenshot or Photo to OziModz" and attach your image file using the provided Browse Button. Upload size of files is currently limited to 5MB per upload.


I look forward to seeing your OziModz Custom Paintwork mod photos!


In early 2019 I am planning to add an OziModz Photo Gallery to the website for ETS2 and ATS screenshots and photos, and if you send me one of your own screenshots I will look at adding them to one of the OziModz Photo Galleries. Also, every month I will choose one of your screenshots/photos to use as the Feature Photo of the Month so that everyone will be able to have a good look at it. In December of each year one of the Feature Photos of the Month from throughout the year will be selected to be the Feature Photo of the Year, and whoever submitted that photo will get a nice Christmas OziModz Bonus!


All OziModz mods will always ONLY be available through this official OziModz Website.

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