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The "GTR Logistics" Fleetz Pack has been updated for ATS/ETS V1.35

You can pick up your very own copy of this huge pack of Truck & Trailer Paint jobs Plus All Bonus Fleetz Pack Mods for the

Special Price of US$3.50 extended

to coincide with the release of the brand new AiRoad Fleetz Pack.

 Plus the "GTR Logistics" Paintwork for the RTA Mods' Renault Range T High Cab from this Fleetz Pack is available as a FREE Sample so that everyone can sample the quality of this "GTR Logistics Fleetz Pack".

If you want to go straight to The "GTR Logistics" Fleetz Pack page you can Click the Button Below...

The OziModz Story.

Over the past 5 years I have become a great fan of EuroTruck Simulator, and, more recently, American Truck Simulator, having slowly built up my ETS truck fleet to the point where it was running over 250 trucks and drivers. A few years ago I started to get interested in modding, initially just fixing little things that were a bit annoying, and later creating a few truck and trailer paintjobs.


However, I started to feel that there was still something missing. The sense of immersion in the actual truck driving itself was very good, but I realised that it was the feeling of owning my own fleet of trucks and trailers that was lacking.

I wanted it to feel like a real trucking company, with a company name and logo, and for all my favorite trucks to have matching paintwork designs that really suited each of them, and of course this meant I definitely needed company trailers too.

And hey, if I've got cool company trailers, I would really like to see them in traffic occasionally!


Since my background is in the graphic design industry, having had a design studio back in the 90's creating everything from brochures and posters to company identity programs , I decided to see if I could put that experience to use designing a full corporate identity for my own virtual trucking company Geronimo Express, including all of the things that I had been looking for.


And so began the journey which lead me to this point, the launch of the OziModz website and the first OziModz Fleetz Pack, a virtual trucking company named "GTR Logistics".

My simple goal is to produce custom paintwork and mods for trucks and trailers which are highly detailed, creative and innovative, providing a deeper level of immersion in the trucking simulation.


To ensure that all of my mods meet this objective, they will only be released after they have undergone a rigorous program of testing to make sure that they work exactly as intended, and all will be supported through the OziModz Supply and Support System. >>>


The OziModz System.

  • The OziModz site is verified 100% secure, as you can see by the green padlock in the address bar of your browser


  • There will never be any form of advertising or pop-ups on the OziModz website, and it will definitely never hi-jack your browser with scam virus alerts like some other mod hosting sites that we all know!


  • All mods from OziModz are backed by my personal 7 days/week support via the integrated onsite Support Ticket System here on the dedicated website via the "Contact Us" Page.

When I started thinking about setting up the OziModz website, I decided very early on that I wanted it to be a very different customer experience from that of other mod hosting platforms, which are often inundated with examples of unscrupulous advertising practices and offer either very poor support or non at all.



The result is the OziModz Supply and Support System which covers all OziModz mods:


  • All purchases are handled through the dedicated Gumroad Store which utilizes 2048bit Military Grade Security Encryption to protect all transactions and data, for your complete security and peace of mind


  •  All purchases are linked to your email address through Gumroad, which provides the ability to have all of your OziModz mods added to your own personal Gumroad Purchase Library for easy access, and


  •  Whenever any OziModz mod is updated you will automatically receive an email notification & links to download the update free of charge and have it added to your Gumroad Mod Library


  •  With the OziModz Fleetz Packs, from time to time there may be additional Bonus Items added to the Pack , such as Paintjobs for an additional truck or trailer, and whenever this happens you will also automatically receive email notification and personal links to the new additional downloads for the expanded Fleetz Pack product/s.

Using the Main Menu at the head of every page you can access the entire range of mods available here at OziModz. To make it easy to find what you are looking for, all truck Paintwork Designs are grouped by the brand of truck for which they are designed.


If you Hover Your Mouse over some of the Photo Slideshows they will pause so that you can take a better look at the detail in the designs.


Under the "Other Modz" Heading you will find Mods for things like Engines, Transmissions, Sound Tweaks and other Fixes.


The "Interiorz" Section is the location for any mods for The Interior of the Cabin including the soon to be released Custom Instruments, Trim and Materials.


And, I am pleased to say that All OziModz mods, except the premium OziModz Fleetz Packs, are completely free of charge.

The OziModz Fleetz Packs are a premium paid mod. However, I will always make one of the Fleetz Pack Company Truck Paintworks available as a free sample to download. Currently available from the GTR Logistics Fleetz Pack I have made the Company Paintwork for the Renault T Range available for Free Download so that you can experience the quality of design and workmanship that the OziModz Fleetz Packs have become known for.



By purchasing an OziModz Fleetz Pack you are actively supporting the development of more Free Mods, and it will enable me to invest the large amounts of time it takes to design and create more of these Fleetz Packs for you to enjoy.


Design without Compromise.

Every OziModz custom paintjob is the end result of  an uncompromising attention to detail right down to the individual pixels to ensure that everything lines up correctly.


Each design is meticulously detailed and adapted to the individual characters and vintage of each truck, and rigorously tested to make sure they work first time, every time, even when used in conjunction with the other most popular must-have mods.

Custom Mods and Paintwork

for Trucks and Trailers

...the home of Pixel-Perfect Paintwork for your ETS2 and ATS Virtual Trucking Company
OziModz Custom Mods and Paintwork

I am very pleased to bring you my Custom Paintwork Designs and Mods for a range of Trucks and Trailers, and am especially proud of the new OziModz Fleetz Packs.


Every OziModz Custom Fleet Pack is a Complete Virtual Trucking Company including everything that you need to get your new Company on the road. A custom Company Name and Logo, professionally designed Custom Company Paintwork Designs for a range of Trucks and Trailers that are carefully styled and adapted to accentuate the design style and age of each Truck & Trailer. Plus some Bonus Features to provide the most immersive simulation experience.


I hope that you get as much enjoyment from them as I have had designing them!