Trailer Paintwork



This is the collection of OziModz Trailer Paintwork mods.


Currently the only trailers available are those that are available in the GTR Logistics Fleetz Pack, however, there will be free trailer Paintwork Designs added to the range in the near future

The OziModz FLEETZ Pack also contains a set of matching Truck Paintwork Designs and other Bonus features to get your new Virtual Trucking Company on the road.


GTR Logistics Trailers:

In the GTR Logistics FLEETZ Pack you will find cutting-edge features such as light-weight Carbon-Fibre Aero Kits and Cab Panels, sporty inset Aerodynamic Splitter Panels and Ducts, custom decals and 22 racetrack inspired Custom Paintjobs that wouldn't look out of place delivering to pit lane at Le Mans or The Nurburgring, or even doing a quick lap on the race track itself for that matter!


You will also find a range of Paintwork Designs for ETS2 and ATS Owned Trailers and Freight Market Trailers, along with AI Traffic Trailers.


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Mod#: OZFZ001AE1.31

GTR Logistics Fleetz Pack.


Tested On:       ETS/ATS Vers. 1.32.x


Mod For:

RTA Mods Kenworths & Renault T

SCS Scania 2016 R & S Series (ETS)

SCS Volvo VNL300/730/780 (ATS)

ETS Owned Curtain, Dryvan, Insulated, Reefer & Walking Floor Trailers

ATS Owned Dryvan, Curtain, Insulated & Reefer Trailers

ETA and ATS Freight Market Trailers

Plus Fleetz Pack Bonus items

(For full List refer to Details in Mod Description)


Updated:         24th November 2018