OziModz Fleetz

OziModz Fleetz

The Fleetz VTC Pack is a brand new product that is unique to OziModz, offering a range of complete Virtual Trucking Companies to get you up and running in no time.

Each of these Fleetz Packs is the culmination of over 400 man-hours of work and many coffee fueled late nights...


Every OziModz Fleetz Pack includes:


  • A new Virtual Trucking Company Name and professionally designed Company Logo.
  • A customised Company Sign for your virtual trucking headquarters incorporating the Company Name and Logo.

  • Custom designed company truck paintjobs for a range of trucks, incorporating the Company Name and Logo, tweaked to perfectly suit the style and era of each of the trucks.

  • Company trailer custom paintjobs incorporating the Company Name and Logo. (This will always include at least one standard SCS trailer paintjob, in addition to any paintjobs for paid or private trailer mods).

  • A custom Company driver/job sheet with the Company Logo in PDF Format which you can print off and use to record each job's relevant details such as Job Value, Weight, Delivery Time and Fuel Costs, for total trucking emersion.


In addition, every OziModz Fleetz VTC Pack will have a bunch of great Bonus Items, such as in the GTR Logistics Fleetz VTC Pack which includes  customised interiors for the Kenworth K108 and K200 and the Renault Range T trucks. If you're needing a bit more performance from your trucks, don't forget to check out the Enginez page where you'll find mods like the OziModz HT-770 High Torque Engine and Torque-Master 18 Speed Manual Transmission for the Renault T, so you won't have to worry about running out of ooomph even if your hauling an 80 tonne B/Double over the Swiss Alps!




GTR Logistics Fleet.

This is the very first OziModz Fleetz VTC Pack, so of course it just had to be amazing!


This Pack is customised for the great Kenworth and Renault T trucks from the guys at RTA Mods^, plus the SCS Scania S & R 2016 New Gen and the brand new SCS Volvo VNL for ATS. It also includes Paintwork Designs for Owned Trailers, Freight Market Trailers, Warehouses and the European Large Garage, plus all the other Fleetz Pack goodies!

EURoad Express

Coming Soon:

EURoad Express...

Coming in soon to an OziModz showroom near you!

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And Next...

To compliment SCS Software's recent release of the state of Oregon for American Trucking Simulator, work has already commenced here at OziModz on a Logging Company Fleetz Pack which includes Paintwork Designs for Harven's outstanding MACK R and Freightliner FLB among others, with some exciting bonus goodies!