Modz Workshop

OziModz Workshop

Truck & Trailer Combo Packs

OziModz Fleetz VTC Packs

Everything you need for your new Virtual Trucking Company, all included in one neat package...

OziModz Combo Packs

OziModz Combo Packs

OziModz Combo Packs

Truck & Trailer Paintwork Combo Packs...

Truckz Paint Designs


Truckz Paint Workshop

Highly detailed Custom Paint Designs for a growing range of Trucks...



Customized truck Interior Mods with high-quality textures, custom seat trim materials and carpet, plus this is where you will find improved custom instruments for your favourite trucks...


Trailerz Paint Workshop

A growing range of standalone Trailer Paint skins...

Tweakz & Extraz

Extraz, Tweakz & Fixes

If you have ever been looking for a virtual service centre that can do everything, from squeezing a few more raging horses under the hood of your truck, to fixing those annoying gauges that don't work, this is the place for you...