"Keeping Motorsport on Track"

The Story of GTR Logistics . . .

GTR Logistics is the new Virtual Trucking Company that handles distribution of High Performance Automotive Parts and is responsible for "Keeping Motorsport on Track" across both Europe and the USA, managing the transportation of all critical equipment and parts that the International GTR-3, GTR-4 and NASCAR Race Teams depend upon to keep their cars performing at their peak and winning races.

They only hire the very best long distance drivers with extensive experience in driving high powered trucks delivering extremely valuable motor racing components such as engines, transmissions and suspension components on very tight deadlines.

GTR Logistics Kenworth T609 & Trailers

GTR Logistics Kenworth K200. . .

GTR Logistics Kenworth K200

Customised Truck and Trailer Paintwork, Truck Interiors + Bonus Features  .


A Complete New virtual trucking company

GTR Logistics Fleetz VTC Pack Contents:

Click on the Headings below to view Details & Photos of the Truck, ETS Trailer and ATS Trailer Paintjobs plus the Other Bonus Inclusions of the GTR Logistics FLEETZ VTC Pack:

Custom Truck Paintjobs for LHD & RHD versions of:

  • Renault Range T V7.4^:   High Cab

  • Kenworth K108 V2.3^:      All High Cab & Mid Cab

  • Kenworth K200 V14.3^:    All High Cab & Mid Cab

  • Kenworth T609 V1.4^:      All Mid Cab & High Cab

  • Kenworth T908 V6.4^:     All Day-Cab & Day-Cab Sleeper

  • Kenworth T908 V6.4^:     All Mid-Roof & High-Roof Sleeper

  • Scania 2016 S Series:     Low & High Roof plus 8x4 (ETS Only)

  • Scania 2016 R Series:     Low & High Roof plus 8x4 (ETS Only)

  • Volvo VNL300/730/780:  The SCS Volvo VNL (ATS Only)

  • Peterbilt 359 (Added 2 Feb 2019): All Cabs


Customised Interiors for All Cab Variants of:

Renault Range T V7.4^:

  • Custom Interior and dashboard materials.

  • Custom GTR Red bedding material and carpeting.

 Kenworth K108 V2.3^ and Kenworth K200 V14.3^:

  • Custom "GTR" Red Print cloth seat trim

  • Custom "GTR" Red embroidered logo on grey tartan sleeper blanket.

  • Tweaked plastics and materials.

GTR Logistics Trailer Customisation for:

ETS V1.32 Rigid Body Ownable Trailers:

Custom GTR Logistics Paintwork Design for the Curtain, Dryvan, Moving Floor, Insulated and Reefer Single, Double and B/Double Trailers in ETS.


ETS V1.32 Rigid Body Freight Market Trailers:

Custom GTR Paintwork Design for the Curtain, Dryvan, Moving Floor, Insulated and Reefer freight market trailers in ETS.


Plus, GTR Logistics Trailers and a "Surprise Bonus Easter Egg" will occassionally appear in AI Traffic.



GTR Logistics Company Warehouse/Distribution Centres:

The in-game "Transinet" warehouses have been converted to GTR Logistics Distribution Centres, including Custom GTR Logistics building signs (Two(2) Sign versions are included, a Dark Background Version and a White Background version) and a custom GTR Icon which appears on the ETS Maps  and Freight Market. These GTR Distribution Centres were specifically chosen because they are large enough to accomodate B/Double trailers.


GTR Logistics Large Garage:

A Customised GTR Logistics Garage which replaces the standard ETS in-game Europen Large 5 Truck Garages, including new corrugated steel walls, custom windows, walls and doors, plus Custom GTR Logistics signs across the front of the garage.


GTR Logistics AI Traffic:

Custom GTR Logistics Trailers and several GTR Logistics local delivery Ford Transit 2016 Vans will appear occasionally in the AI traffic across Europe, including on the SCS DLC maps.


GTR Logistics Truck & Trailer combo Add-On

for the "Painted Truck (and Trailer) Pack by Jazzycat(V6.4):

So that you can still enjoy a wide variety of trucks and trailers in the AI traffic without missing out on seeing the occassional fellow GTR Logistics truck/trailer driver when you are out on the road.


GTR Logistics Trailer Customisation for:


ATS V1.32 Rigid Body Ownable Trailers:

Custom GTR Logistics Paintwork Design for the Dryvan, Insulated and Reefer Single, Double and R/M Double Trailers in ATS.


ATS V1.32 Rigid Body Freight Market Trailers:

Custom GTR Paintwork Design for the Dryvan, Insulated and Reefer freight market trailers in ATS.


Plus, GTR Logistics Trailers will occassionally appear in AI Traffic.




The many Grill Paint Combinations available on the GTR Renault T

In designing the GTR Logistics corporate identity it was important to make sure that the Logo reflected the Company's Motor Sports Heritage, and that all of the GTR Logistics Truck Fleet looked the part across the entire range of trucks running in this Fleet.


You will find cutting-edge features such as light-weight Carbon-Fiber Aero Kits and Cab Panels, sporty inset Aerodynamic Splitter Panels and Ducts, Custom Decals & Badges and 22 Track-Inspired Custom Truck Paintjobs that wouldn't look out of place delivering to pit lane at Le Mans or The Nurburgring, or even doing a quick lap on the race track itself for that matter!


The GTR Logistics Fleetz VTC Pack includes everything you need for your new Virtual Trucking Company:


Company Name & Logo Design on all trucks and trailers in the Fleetz Pack, as well as for the Standard European Large Garage & on the signs of the warehouses that were acquired when GTR Logistics bought out the "Transinet" distribution company (ETS). Additionally, in ATS, under the merger of GTR Logistics with "Sell Plan", the "Sell Plan" warehouses will have GTR Logistics Entry Signs and Flags in addition to the regular "Sell Plan" rooftop signs.

22 x Custom Paintworks for all Cabs of the Peterbilt 359^, Kenworth K108^, K200^, T609^, T908^, Renault T^, Scania 2016 S & R Series(ETS only) and the new SCS Volvo VNL300/730/780(ATS only). The Paintwork Design Mods for the RTA Mods' Kenworths have been made to work on both the ATS and ETS versions of the trucks.


Custom Interior Dashboards, Panels, Seat Trim and Bedding for the Kenworth K108^ and K200^
Custom Interior Cabin Plastic Materials, Carpet and Bedding for the Renault T Range^


GTR Logistics paintwork for standard SCS AI Traffic Trailers in both ETS and ATS, plus a separate GTR AI Trailers Mod for use in conjunction with the Jazzycat ETS Painted Truck Traffic Pack (V6.4) so that you can see an occasional GTR Logistics trailer in traffic. More observant drivers might also notice some bonus "Easter Eggs" in both ETS and ATS!


Update 7th July 2019: Kenworth T609 updated with matching grey paint for the new painted front bumper plus two new rear guard colour choices in red or white in addition to the grey version. *We are awaiting the V1.35 update for the Kenworth K200 to v15 which will include additional cab/chassis variants, and the GTR Paintwork for the K200 will be updated with these additional cab variations as soon as the K200 V15 Truck mod is released, and will be emailed directly as a free upgrade to all who have purchased the GTR Logistics Fleetz Pack.

Custom Trailer Paintwork for the ETS/ATS V1.35 Vawdrey Single, B/Double & Road Train trailers by RTA Mods.

Custom Trailer Paintwork for the ETS V1.35 Owned Curtain, Moving Floor, Insulated, Dryvan and Reefer Single, Double and B/Double Trailers & Freight Market Trailers, and also the ATS V1.33 Owned Dryvan, Insulated and Reefer Single, Double and Rocky Mountain Double Trailers & Freight Market Trailers.

Added GTR Paintworks for Maxicube Trailers (RTA) and Vawdrey Trailers (RTA) (Owned and Freight Market), plus for the new ATS B/Double and Chipvan Trailers.


Update 16th August 2019: Updated with tweaks for the SCS painted trailer accessories in ETS and minor fixes for SCS ATS trailers. Plus, NEW standalone painted custom mudflaps for the SCS Owned Trailers in both ATS & ETS.


 Update 19th October 2019: Updated with new GTR Logistics paintwork for all cabs of the new Kenworth K200 V15 from RTA Mods, plus new standalone custom interior dashboards, seat and bed of both K108 and K200.


*The design for the GTR Logistics Paintwork for the TSA/Aus3D Freighter (Tautiner) will be added to the GTR Logistics FLEETZ Pack as soon as I have completed the new version paintwork and tested on the V1.36 updated trailers. Purchasers of the GTR Logistics FLEETZ Pack will receive these as a Free Update as soon as it is available.

Latest Ozimodz Fleetz News:


New Fleetz Pack Coming Very Soon: AiRoad Intercity Overnight Fleetz VTC Pack... in the final stages of testing now and is planned for release around end April 2020! Currently I am updating some of the free bonus inclusions for the latest versions of ATS/ETS2.

The original release date had to be delayed due to some difficult issues here, but things are now getting back on track again. I appreciate your patience and hope that the wait will prove to be very worthwhile for you.  :  )


Ian D


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Mod#: OZFZ001-AE1.35

GTR Logistics Fleetz VTC Pack.


Tested On:   ETS/ATS Version:  V1.35.x


Mod For:

RTA Mods Kenworths & Renault T

Peterbilt 359, Kenworth K108, K200, T609 and T908.

SCS Scania 2016 R & S Series (ETS).

SCS Volvo VNL300/730/780 (ATS).

Vawdrey Single, B/Double & Triple Trailers (ATS/ETS) by RTA Mods

ETS2 Owned Curtain, Dryvan, Insulated, Reefer & Walking Floor Trailers.

ATS Owned Dryvan, Curtain, Insulated & Reefer Trailers.

ETS2 and ATS Freight Market Trailers.

Plus Fleetz Pack Bonus items.

(For full List refer to Details in Description at left)


Updated:      19th October 2019


Download Size:                        50MB

Uncompressed File Size:      1GB

As a special introduction to the quality of OziModz Fleetz Packs I have made the GTR Custom Paintwork and for the Renault T Range available for Free Download below:

^NOTE: The Kenworth and Renault Trucks, and the Vawdrey Thermo Trailers that the GTR Logistics Fleetz Pack is designed for are all available from RTA Mods. If you don't yet have these excellent trucks & trailers, you will find a direct link to the RTA Mods Site in the footer at the bottom of every page on the OziModz SIte.