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The OziModz System

Secure Mods & Secure Website

The OziModz site is verified secure, as you can see by the Lock Icon in the address bar of your browser, in FireFox that is a Green Padlock.

Advert & Pop-up Free

There will never be any form of advertising or pop-ups on the OziModz website, and it will definitely never hi-jack your browser with scam virus or security alerts!

Support You Can Count On

All mods from OziModz are backed by 7 days/week support via the integrated onsite Support Ticket System here or direct email:

Data Security Protection

All purchases are handled through the dedicated Gumroad Store which utilizes 2048bit Military Grade Security Encryption to protect all transactions and data, for your complete security and peace of mind

Easy Personal Mod Library

All purchased mods are linked to your email address through Gumroad, which provides the ability to have all of your OziModz mods added to your own Personal Gumroad Purchase Library for easy access

Automatic Updates

Whenever any OziModz mod is updated you will automatically recieve an email notification that it is available for you to download free of charge and have it added to your Library

Unrivaled Attention to Detail

Every OziModz custom paintjob is the end result of  an uncompromising attention to detail right down to the individual pixels to ensure that everything lines up correctly,  perfectly adapted to the individual character of each truck, and rigorously tested to make sure it works first time, every time, alongside the other most popular must-have mods.

Additional Bonus Items

In the case of the OziModz Fleetz Packs, from time to time there may be additional Bonus Items added to the Pack , such as Paintjobs for an additional truck or trailer, and whenever this happens you will automatically recieve email notification and personal links to the new expanded Fleetz Pack download.

Free Test Drive

While the OziModz Fleetz Packs are a premium paid mod, I will always make one of the Company Truck Paintworks in each of the Fleetz Packs available as a free sample to download. For example, from the GTR Logistics Fleetz Pack I have made the Company Paintwork for the Renault T Range available for Free Download as a sample of the quality of the Fleetz Packs.

At OziModz it is all about providing a good balance between high quality free mods and uniquely detailed ultimate Custom Fleetz Packs, but I do need your support in order to keep producing these mods and to be able to continue supporting them in the future.

By purchasing an OziModz Fleetz Pack you are supporting the development of more Free Mods, and it enables me to continue working to design and create new Fleetz Packs for you. It takes at least 400 hours and many, many coffee fueled night shifts to produce a pack like the GTR Logistics Fleetz Pack, so, with enough support for the Fleetz Packs, I hope to be able to release a new pack every 6-8 weeks, and I have many more exciting unique new design ideas to share with you.

All this for about the cost of a decent cup of coffee!

Truck Customisation Inside and Out...

Exterior Paintwork
Detailed Exterior Paint Workshop

Professionally designed and executed custom paintwork mods for a range of trucks with unrivaled attention to every detail and unique material applications that make your truck stand out in any crowd.

Custom Interiors
Custom Interior Workshop

The same level of attention goes into every custom interior modification to compliment the look and feel of the exterior design. After all, the cab is our "office" where we spend the most time, so it needs to look and feel like somewhere you won't mind spending a long stint behind the wheel.